Picking Your Team #2 – Woman Down!

by Honeybadger

Ok so if this is the apocalypse, chances are no one is getting through it unscathed. This means you are going to need a medic. Someone athletic preferably because they are going to need to run fast to get to you before the enemy does. Strong is also good in case you need help getting away once you are injured. Mostly though they need to be the other really clear headed person in a crisis. No good having a medic that looses their concentration just because zombies/aliens/whatever are bearing down on you.

Cool, collected and in control. This may mean they are also a bit smug and annoying but necessary evils my friends. In fact if you can get two people who are competent with field dressings at least so much the better because your medic is not so likely to be a great warrior, too much time studying, so there is a good chance of them getting hurt at some point.

There are of course exceptions, Martha Jones was not only a capable doctor but when the going got tough she kicked serious world saving arse. And she’s British, so I love her even more. The Martha’s of this world are few and far between however, but my top tip would be, if you know one, an armed forces doctor, any experience of field surgery and combat will make them less likely to burst into tears and start knocking back their own drugs. Failing that find the ones that buzz off the big crashes and the near deaths, who are happiest in emergency wards with blood and body parts all over the place. If they choose gynaecology, children or palliative care, they are far too soft for your team.

Honeybadger out

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