Picking your Team #3 – If it bleeds, we can kill it.

by Honeybadger

Every team needs muscle. They can get you past the zombies into the abandoned
super market and cover your retreat, they can blow up alien strongholds, the can
set perimeter defences in the time it takes you to say it. They love anything that
goes ‘boom’ and when it comes right down to it the ‘sklurrk’ of a knife pleases them

Think Vasquez in Alien or Rodriguez’ character in Resident Evil. There are a couple
of considerations for anyone putting together a team when it comes to your gung ho,
kill ‘em quick ask questions later muscle types.

First is the high mortality rate. These are strong, tough, dedicated to the killing but
not always the quickest thinkers. Also, at the end of the day they are first in and
last out of every fight. If you have only one doctor it’s a worry, but if you don’t have
enough muscle to protect your doctor then you are a bit stuffed quite frankly. I’d
recommend more than one member of your team is a strong, good with weapons
type, because you are going to lose some of them.

It’s also worth considering who they are loyal to. You get a small unit together you
want them to be tight with each other, able to communicate and function well in
combat with zombies/aliens/terminators/etc. Outside of that environment you need
to be absolutely sure they will take order from you, otherwise you are going to find
yourself out of control very very quickly and if the whole enterprise is being run like a
battlefield over all the group are not going to live long.

If you are the muscle, you need to keep a few things in mind too. Bigger isn’t always
better. If you are covering a retreat you do not want to be encumbered by heavy
weaponry, we get you are bigger and stronger and tougher, but be smart. Plenty of
smaller arms will buy you the time you need to get in and out with your team intact,
it’s not always viable to stick around and actually kill everything.

Second, it’s not your job to be a scientist. Your team needs you so don’t go poking
around in ancient sacrifice chambers or get curious about alien life forms. Let
someone else worry about that. Anything you don’t know by name moves? Kill it and
get the hell out of there.

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