Picking your Team #5 Wagons Roll

by Honeybadger

The wheelman/woman is an all important member of your team. Regardless of your apocalypse you may need to use vehicles to escape and you need someone with versatile skills.

This is not popping round the shops in your Ford Ka, ‘Daisy’. This is life and death, who knows what the conditions are out there or what will be available? Maybe the only safe option is to get off this island. How many people do you know with the skills to drive a tank (quite a few actually), a boat or a helicopter?

You need someone who can be a leaf in the wind behind any set of controls, someone for whom driving heavy machinery is like breathing so they can do it even while they are freaking out, eyes closed and screaming (in this case, you fearless leader may need to shout navigational instructions).

Ideally, you’d have someone who might even be able to work out the controls for an alien craft from pure fighter pilot instinct, but I’ll settle for someone who can drive like a zombie squishing maniac without getting the rest of the team killed in a hideous collision.

As it happens, I might even risk it in a Ford Ka called ‘Daisy’ because her owner has mad survival instincts.

Honeybadger out

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