Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

by Honeybadger
In the interest of full disclosure I should probably point out that Dana is kind of a hero of mine, I loved her first book Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon and she was also a sword fighting deadite in Evil Dead 3. To top it off she is a cat fosterer and she’s lovely.

Anyway, on to the book. Dana visited us recently to talk about it, I just read it and it’s due out on Friday!

Ashley Parker is a mature student (ok not that mature, but technically) dating a nice slightly younger guy and starting classes a week later after a nasty bout of flu. Ashley is lucky, she shakes the flu just fine, but plenty of others in the area are finding it a killer. The thing I love about Fredsti is that no matter what genre she is writing in she has a knack for writing people I adore, I mean really utterly want to move in next door to, hang out with every friday for pizza and movies and just squish with hugs adore. I love the humour and warmth of her leads and the less likeable characters always give me some amusement. Add to that an excellent action packed and well considered zombie story, a bunch of pop culture references that are spot on for me, a pinch of karmic justice, great writing and a generous splash of gore and i’m a happy reader. Why yes Dana I am your target demographic and you find me well and happy and having fever dreams about dealing with the zombie apocalypse.

This is going to be a fantastic series, zombie novels for the Buffy generation and remember folks… Ripley and the cat both survived!

Honeybadger out.
(this is a cross post review also appearing on unbound)

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