Plants vs Zombies: Training for the Apocalypse

by GClarkHellery

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a total ‘Plants vs Zombies’ addict. I love my little peashooters and wallnuts as well as the array of different zombies who constantly attack my home in search of brains. Brilliant in its simplicity, players need to be strategic in their placement of the different plants and choose wisely. For example, you wouldn’t choose night plants while fighting on the roof. But what else can we learn from Plants vs Zombies to help ensure we are apocalypse prepared?

  • Diversify your weaponry. No one plant can defeat the zombies on it’s own and combination weapons make for more deadly mow-down, so you can freeze the zombie hoards with an Ice-shroom while cutting them down to size with a Threepeater. The same applies during the apocalypse: diversify your weaponry so that if you run out of bullets, you can keep shooting using a crossbow or get in close with a sword.
  • Know and protect your power source. The Sunflowers and Sun-shrooms give you points to buy plants and need to be protected. During the apocalypse your power source is your life source, without it you’re dead so make sure it’s safe at all times.
  • Set traps which provide a warning and slow down the attacking werewolves while you’re doing other things, such as the Potato Mine or Spikeweeds. Minutes matter and those extra few moments when the killer robots are trying to untangle themselves from your net trap might be enough for you to escape.
  • Always have a backup plan. If the zombies eat all your plants, your last line of defence is a row of lawn mowers which slices them down. However, as with all last-ditch defence plans, it can only be used once and when it’s gone it’s gone so if your final defence is activated, either refortify quickly or escape.
  • Know pros and cons of each weapon. Chompers are great at eating zombies whole but take time to digest their meal which leaves them vulnerable, while Scardy-shrooms cause a lot of damage, but go into hiding when an enemy is near. No weapon is perfect and all have their limitations. Knowing these and using these to your advantage ensures you are using your available weapons to the peak of their performance, which will increase your chances of survival.
  • Know your enemy and attack accordingly. As with most games, Plants vs Zombies begins easily, but becomes progressively more difficult with more challenging attackers. Bucket-head zombies have added protection which makes them harder to kill while dancing zombies always travel with back-up dancers. In order to kill them, you need different plants. In the same way you wouldn’t kill a robot using a silver bullet as you would a werewolf, know your enemy and use appropriate methods for attacking them.
  • Takes time to re-energise. In Plants vs Zombies, once you’ve planted, that plant will need a certain amount of time to ‘recharge’ before it can be planted again. Even during the apocalypse a girl needs a little time to recharge herself so she’s feeling ready to take on the world so take some time out and give yourself that mani-pedi you’ve been promising yourself.
  • Marigolds are planted which can earn you money as they pop out coins during the game and during the apocalypse you can always make a bit of extra money or whatever passes for currency at that time.
  • Make sure you have a great theme tune. Once you’ve completed the game, the plants and zombies come together to get down to some funky tunes and really isn’t that what every girl needs after a long day of slaughtering rabid cows?

So there you have it. I’m sure that there are other games out there that will teach you other survival tips but for me, I love my plants. Now, where did I put my Grave Buster?

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