Preparation Everyone Can Do #1

There are many things you can do to prepare for the apocalypse, whatever form it takes. The first we will consider in this series is your physical condition and basic hand to hand skills.

There are two elements to this. The first is simple physical conditioning. Cardio, weights, keeping unnecessary strain off your body and making sure it’s in the best condition it can be. Long walks for when there is no fuel left and we have to go everywhere by foot. Hit the gym to make sure you are strong, fit and fast, you may be running or fighting for your life.

That’s all pretty simple, but there are other things you can do. Learn to fight. Weapons skills will be useful but start with the fundamentals. Hand to hand combat. If you’ve never been hit in the face the first time will stop you dead in your tracks and that can be literally dead in an apocalypse. Get some training, get some practice and get to the point where someone’s foot cracking you in the nose barely makes you blink.


I chose kickboxing, I like the simplicity, we were all punching and kicking with flailing limbs as soon as we could walk, maybe before. This is a little more skillful but follows the same basic principles and I like that. There are lots of martial arts and sports though that will help you get used to high pressure combat situations. That rush of adrenaline that makes you a little shaky the first few times gets easier to control with practice and is tough to recreate out of a fight situation.

Wing Chun is great for fighting in tight spaces or if you have physical limitations, it’s taught to wheelchair users and is sometimes described as ‘learning to fight in a phone box’ as it uses a lot of small contained movements.

Tai chi is more than a form of relaxation, the advanced levels have numerous weapons forms and while it is often practised at a slow pace to focus on moving the chi around the body, speeded up it is one of the deadliest martial arts.

Boxing and kickboxing are sports really but will get you used to giving and receiving violent blows quite quickly and get you over any squeamishness about hitting another person.

Judo and olympic wrestling are good for ground work, not where you want to be against zombies but if human’s in your group get uppity useful for non lethal restraint.

Jiu jitsu is great for locks, holds, gouges and ground work. it’s philosophy seems to be ‘kill, maim, destroy’ and training is going to really out your body through it’s paces and it’s pain threshold.

Some martial arts are very spiritual, others are much more raw, some are taught primarily in katas others very much by combat. try a few, find one that suits your personality and body. it will help with physical condition generally and may save your life come the apocalypse. Frankly, it’s not a bad idea to have some decent fighting skills under your belt anyway, especially in town on a Saturday night.

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