Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Ok, so we are apocalypse girls and we are going to survive, but just in case, worst case scenario I want you all to know how I expect you to deal with me.

Zombie Bite.
Shoot me between the eyes the minute I start to look fluish if i’ve been bitten. I do not want to turn into one of those mindless gross things and I do not want to take any of you with me. Shoot me, then either behead and bury or burn, whichever is most practical.

Rise of the Machines
Ok there isn’t much you can do here, either I survive or I get blown away, so just keep yourselves safe and move on. No worries.

Vampire Bite
Ok, this really depends what we are talking, if the vamps are pretty much bloodsucking fanged, day shy peopl then leave me be, I can totally rock the Lestat vibe. If they are drooling walking parasites stake me, behead me, salt and burn my bones before the sun sets on my cooling body.

Werewolf bite
yeah I don’t care what kind of were’s we are dealing with, leave me the hell alone, I have no problem at all with turning furry from time to time. *grin*

Generally speaking, what I expect from my friends is a thorough disposal. I do not want to be eaten or turned into anything gross. I don’t mind being turned into something reasonably cool, I kind of mind being dead but there are things I object to more. So, go all out, shoot me between the eyes, cut my head off, salt and burn everything, just to be sure. I appreciate it.

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