The Cocktail Cabinet of the Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world and frankly I need a drink. Here are a few suggested tipples for dealing with inevitable doom.

#18 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
with Jack, Jim, Johnny and Jose 

#17 The Long Sprint
With Brandy and Champagne

#16 The Angel’s Delight 
A creamy gin cocktail

#15 The Ninja Turtle
Green and fruity

 #14 The Chastity Flame
With Gin and Vodka

 #13 Alien Sky
With fruit juice and cherry brandy

 #12 Mudslide
For Bailey’s fans

 #11 Dark & Stormy
With Rum and Ginger Beer

#10 Absolute Stress
Cranberry based for Christmas

 #9 SOS
With Grenadine

 #8 Kiss the Boys Goodbye
Cognac and Sloe Gin

 #7 Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
With, well pretty much everything

#6 Bitter & Twisted
Bacardi and juices

#5 Chocolate Crossbow
Non alcoholic and creamy

 #4 Irn Brute
umm with girders?

#3 The Zombie
With every kind of rum

#2 Cherry Bitch with a Chainsaw
non alcoholic and fruity

#1 The Nuclear Fallout
A colourful blend

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