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Zombie Survival Can, review


First of all as a drink I have to say I prefer the taste of the zombie survival can to redbull or relentless. It has something of  a refresher sweets quality so it goes down easily.
As to the claims it makes on its handy ‘In case of zombie apocalypse’ guide.
‘Drink entire can contents to ensure speedy escape’
Hmm, I am not convinced the drink made me faster or even gave me more stamina for running. I felt no great burst of leg power after drinking and would require some convincing of this claim.
‘Fill can with rock, then throw can at zombie’
I have two issues with this, first, the time taken to fill the can’s small opening with small pebbles would probably allow zombies to gather and eat you. Second, it’s a small can of pebbles. It’s not going to destroy the brain or spinal column so throwing cans is unlikely to be an effective defence.
‘Substitute for gas mask in case of toxic cloud’
Frankly if I had a gas mask I’d hang on to it, however the empty can would contain a small additional air supply so in a pinch, with your face sealed off via plastic bag or masking tape, then the can could give you a few more moments to escape the cloud and unwrap your head. I’ll give them that one.
‘Use can to collect rain water, boil if necessary’.
Absolutely yes. Quite right, especially if you can find a piece of plastic to use as a funnel the can could be key life saving equipment.
‘Dispose of can properly, sounds of litter can alert zombies to your presence’
Always a good idea to clean up signs of your presence.
What they missed…
This is an energy drink and I must admit I am feeling buzzy and alert after drinking it, so I would recommend it for guard duty, those all important small hours of the morning when it’s so hard to stay sharp. A little extra buzz could save your life and the lives of everyone in your camp.
Overall then I’d say, it’s a little pricey and probably any energy drink would do, but the zombie survival can does come with a handy pictorial reminder of its uses and it a nice little liquid buzz. Worth having a couple in your bug out bag. Or just for really long meetings.