Shovels and their many uses

Shovels are your friend.

Come the zombie apocalypse they are weapons, sharp enough to take a head off, don’t need reloading, you don’t even need to be good with the thing, no skill here folks, just ram it at them roughly neck height and don’t let go of the handle. In fact it doesn’t need to be zombies, a good whack around the skull or ramming the edge into the throat and you can dispense more than just the animated dead.

You can dig holes to hide your stash of emergency supplies whether you suss out whether the new people are safe or not, hell you can dig holes to sleep in and cover yourself in leaves at a pinch so you can remain safely hidden while you sleep.

Shallow graves, say you are out training for the zompoc with your friends and umm, oops, didn’t mean to do that, quickly hide the evidence.

Strange and unpleasant substances? Poke it or shove it with your shovel, see if it moves or you know, attacks. If it does attack, whack it. Of course they are also made for purpose for gardening, the one thing you can’t do without when ‘digging for when the canned goods run out’ is your shovel.

Make sure you have at least one and keep it somewhere accessible. I still haven’t told my mum the real reason I leave my garden tools so close to the back door is just in case of the zompoc, but that’s why it’s there.

You can even get cute little fold up shovels now you can fit into a back pack. How perfect is that?
Honeybadger out.