The South Wests secret hidden threat.

Drive through Devon and Somerset on Christmas day, through isolated lanes with high hedges and steep drops, with a slate grey sky threatening rain but never quite giving it and you will notice just how lonely a post apocalyptic world can be.

No other vehicles for miles and miles, no dog walkers, no tourists, no shooters rounding blind bends too fast, not a cyclist, pedestrian and driver to be seen. Huge buzzards and the occasional lone hawk taking to wing to chase down some unlucky mouse or rabbit, a dear making a mad dash across the road through gaps in the hedge. It’s positively eerie. It could just be the end of the world. It’s easy to let your mind drift into post apoc mode, thinking about where you would go, how you would survive. Is this what it feels like to be the last person alive?

So what brought about this silent, unbloody reckoning? No one knows, but looking at the evidence I have my suspicions. If you go by what appears to be the dominant surviving species then the answer appears to me, the apocalypse will be brought upon us by pheasants.

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