Vambi & Stumper: Disney goes post-apocalyptic

We all know the world of Disney animation is lovely. It’s where Sleeping Beauty finds her Prince Charming; where Hans Christian Andersen gets a child-friendly makeover, complete with singing crab and undersea orchestra.
What happens when the apocalypse hits?
The oceans will be the first to suffer. Ariel will look helplessly on as Sebastian, poisoned by irradiated seaweed, slowly loses his mind and turns on his friends. Yes. Even Flounder. Especially Flounder.
On the ground, the wind carries the nuclear fallout across the land. The woodlands die. Bambi turns cannibal, and together he and Thumper hunt down the smaller forest creatures. They show no mercy.
Beast becomes rabid, and for the safety of the kingdom he must be kept chained up at all times. Meanwhile, in the castle courtyard, Belle builds a bonfire of the books which have failed to help her find a cure for her beloved.
Lightning McQueen and his Cars buddies fare no better. The oil wells are burning and fuel shortages have left them stranded; exhausted and parched. As he creeps closer to his best friend, Mater manages to croak out the words: “Miss…. Sally…” before his headlights go dark for the last time.
With the world in turmoil, the search for new power sources has claimed 7 victims. While working a new mine-shaft–deeper than ever before–Snow White’s miner friends uncovered a pocket of gas. By the time they stumbled back to the surface, Sneezy was showing the first signs of infection: sores, a shuffling gait, a green tinge to his skin and an unhealthy interest in brains. Doc was, predictably, the first to be eaten. In despair, Snow White attempted to bring him back to life (using the necromantic skills she learned at her stepmother’s feet as a child) but… well, let’s just say she didn’t live happily ever after.
Even the Disneyverse isn’t immune to the end of the world.
Call us twisted, but we’re not the only ones who’ve considered this. Check out Julia Segal’s amazing Tumblr of Zombie Disney Princesses or this (actually quite creepy) line-up of Disney-zombie cosplayers
There’s also David Gray’s Reuters photos which have been doing the rounds online of the deserted “fake Disneyland” in China, abandoned part-way through construction, one of which we’ve used to head up this piece. If that doesn’t give you the chills, you’re made of sterner stuff than we are.
Now, tell us if you dare… what’s your favourite Disney apocalypse scenario? Who bites it (or whom) and how?
—Daystar out—

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