We are not alone out there.

by Honeybadger

Here are a few of the excellent apocalypse sites we’ve stumbled across while bringing you the best advice we can for surviving the end of the world.

The End is Here :
Recipes, recycling, how to turn zombies into useful compost, just some of the fascinating and useful articles on this apocalypse site.

Zombie Hub :
Net of the living dead delivering news and events for zombie fans.

Terror4Fun :
Want to know more about the undead enemy? Terror4fun is a source of info about events all over the UK. Go along, pretend to be a zombie, get inside the enemies empty obsessive heads.

Falling into Place :
I was sent the link to this intriguing project by Gareth Powell and thought it should be shared. Apparently the people who created it do events and all sorts. Sounds like they are well prepared.

The Apocalypse Blog :
A fictional blog from an apocalypse survivor, this is a great idea and beautifully done.

Ok folks, enjoy our fellow survivors thoughts and stories.
Honeybadger out.

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