We won’t all survive.

by Honeybadger

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Chances are, most of us will die in the first wave. It’s been noted that survivor mentality assumes we will make it through that and have to deal. Well there isn’t much mileage in a story that starts off with not being Arthur Dent.

Besides, I may get the t virus and start craving flesh, or be at ground zero when the bomb drops, I might get nice, quick, clean extinction, but what if I don’t? If I play the odds I don’t need a bug out bag, or an escape plan. I don’t need to know where in my area has low population, good views, high walls and nearby water. why bother preparing when i’m going to die anyway? Face it, I live in the midlands miles from any significant body of water, if zombies attack, even if I do survive i’m liable to get eaten sharpish.

The thing is, what if I am Arthur Dent. What if I am the hopeless idiot that somehow survives the end of the world and has to deal with what comes next? Do I really want to be dependant on Ford, who let’s face it is a moron, the only thing he gets right is keeping his towel handy. Worse still, what if I don’t even have another useless idiot to stumble through it with, what if i’m alone, under attack in my own home by brain hungry neighbours? yes, i’m mixing my apocalypses here, but i’m talking in general terms.

What’s my point? Ignore the odds folks. Prepare like you know you are going to survive the initial blast/virus/whatever because if you assume the worst and then survive, if you aren’t a first wave casualty and have no plans in place for what to do next, well then you are truly f*cked my friend.
Honeybadger out

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