what about the children?

My 3yr old wants to eat my brain, which lead me to think when the apocalypse happens…what are we going to do with the children?
we all know that kids can slow you down, and like to make noise at the most inappropriate times
with things like zombies that are attracted to noise the last thing you want is a child crying and giving your position away, so what do we do?
should we have zombie/contagious disease/alien invasion/any-other-type-of-apocalypse drills? just like earthquake and fire drills?, how much is too much to tell your kids?
the extent of my kids knowledge on such things is that zombies eat your brains, so at least they will know to watch out for their brains.. i guess that’s something, but the thought of a bunch of little zombie kids running around is quite disturbing.
Its seems that to survive the apocalypse with children you will need a really good plan, some things to consider are..

-how to get to your kids if they’re at school, or out when the apocalypse happens
-what extra survival items you will need, e.g if you have a baby you might want to consider getting some cloth nappies just in case, or a stock pile of baby food
-where will you go? you’re going to need a safe place, and remember little kids aren’t going to be able to walk as fast or as far as an adult
-we don’t want our kids to starve, so how are we going to feed them? maybe plant a vegetable garden in a secluded place?
-little kids wont be much help fighting off zombies, you will need a good group of people to protect them
-if your kids are scared chances are they’re going to cry which may give you away, maybe take some favourite things to keep them calm

 maybe its a good time to enroll your kids in a karate class or self defence.. something along those lines, we’re going to need them they will either be the next generation fighting to end the apocalypse, or once the apocalypse is over they will be the future of the human race

vilifying angel x

4 Responses to what about the children?

  • Cat Connor says:

    This has been a constant fear of mine – how do we protect the children during a zombie apocalypse!
    Obviously, if you’re intending on surviving with children you need a REALLY good plan and some excellent parenting skills.
    (and a couple of guns wouldn’t hurt…)

    Foxglove out.

  • Perhaps we need to get the Brownies/Scouts in on it – a new badge for being able to identify different types of apoc, then specific skills badges – shooting zombie in the head, stuffing garlic down a vamps throat. Am sure they’ll love the challenge!

  • nyssa23 says:

    This has been worrying me too! Perhaps an article on choosing a defensible hideout/apocalypse daycare is in order?

  • Sunny10543 says:

    I wanted you to know I had been thinking about the same things. Happy I found your blog to say the least.
    I was thinking anout the best protectio for children.
    As far as armour: Sewn cotten. There is a technique the chinese used sewing layers of cotton together to make a sort of protective padding.
    As for weapons I was thinking about a spear. A good thrusting action to keep attacks at a distance.
    Also hide and seek, decision making skills. Climbing skills. Gymnastics as well, Akido.
    Ans as said, a good plan

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