Women in Sensible Armor

Robin Williams line aside, let’s face it ladies – we’re not video game characters who are immune to damage on 90% of our bodies. If it’s the Apocalypse, we’re gonna need armor. Good solid dependable practical armor.

What kind of armor, of course, depends on what we’re up against. Vampires? Neck protection. Rage zombies? Goggles, for the love of all things holy. But there are a few good rules of thumb to get you started.

Mobility is Your Friend

In order to fight and run, you need to leave your major joints unrestricted. That means shoulders and hips should be covered, but not constrained. Long tunics with a belt are a good choice, as are shoulder guards and bracers.

Leather should be your go-to choice. It’s light, sturdy, customizable without special tools or equipment, readily available, and can withstand heat, cold, and moisture. From the biker jacket to the gladiator skirt, the possibilities are endless. And don’t forget gloves and boots.

Dress For the Weather

While fur isn’t politically correct fashion these days, in a survival situation all bets are off. If you’re in an environment that regularly has temperatures at or below freezing you’ll need the insulation and wind protection of fur.

In addition, don’t let warmer temperatures compromise your safety! Switch to multiple layers of cotton gauze of silk rather than exposing skin.

Use What’s On Hand
DIY and chop-shopping clothing won’t be just be a fun and trendy pastime anymore, it’ll be a fact of life. You might have had that set of plate mail lying around before the dead started walking, but how are you going to repair it? Think about durable, easy to find materials. This woman looks like she could take on the entire gang from Road Warrior.

Plate Mail – Don’t

I know, it looks awesome and it can bounce an artillery shell, but it’s HEAVY. Traditional medieval plate mail was not only designed to be worn OVER a full suit of chain, but while on horseback! If you’re determined to pull off the look or need to guard against ranged muscle powered projectiles, go for limited rigid plates over a torso covering of full chain, like this.

And get yourself a motorcycle.

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  • K. A. Laity says:

    I would put in a good word for early medieval chain mail, as it is both light and durable as well as strong. It can also give you something to do on long winter nights while listening to the zombies and werewolves howl. It ain’t half time-consuming, eh? But well worth it and far more flexible than plate for sure. Unlike leather, it will also stop a sword.

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