Zombie 5k!

I discovered something yesterday called Run For Your Lives – a 5k Obstacle Course Zombie Race!

From reading the website it looks like flags are use to represent your health, when you’re running zombies will try and grab said flags. Lose all you’re flags while you’re time is recorded you can’t get any awards – probably because you know you’ve either been eaten by zombies or are infected with zombie plague! Probably the latter seeing as you’re still moving! 😉

Theres an apocalypse party at the end too.

I think this is an utterly great and fun sounding idea! (And I would totally get eaten because I’m not that fit!) I would love the opportunity to have a go at this one day (perhaps even as a zombie). It seems its only in the states at the moment however. Perhaps one day it will make it across the pond to the UK! 🙂

Anyone in the states signing/signed up to any of these?

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