Zombies, Run! – Excercising for the Apocalypse

by Apocalypse Womble

After I saw Batman Begins I decided that I needed to become a ninja, just like Batman. And it worked. I worked out and lost weight and got fit – the fittest I have been in my life. I still didn’t know shit about martial arts, but every time I looked at crisps or considered flaking on my run, I asked myself: ‘What would the ninja do?’ and it got me motivated.

For a bit. These things go in cycles. I got overconfident and lazy. I thought I could eat ALL the crisps, because I was fit like a ninja, and working out became so easy I somehow got to thinking I didn’t need to do it so much. So after keeping trim for a couple of years, I got fat again – fatter than I had been before I wanted to be a ninja. I noticed that my scores on the various zombie survival tests that float around the Internet were dropping. I realised that if the zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow I was no longer sure I would survive. Running at speed and maintaining stamina long-distance is a vital skill in the zompocalypse situation.

Briefly, I was motivated again. I was running to out-distance the zombies. O’course, I then discovered that my crappy joints had words to say about all this running, and I had to stop, but the essence of the idea was sound. You see, exercising is boring, and the targets of getting thin or being fit can seem ephemeral and theoretical in a world where what you want to be is fit and slim right now, and in fact being fit and slim requires consistent work over months or even years. On its own, your true motivation is rarely enough to keep you fit. You need another motivation – something that can make the boring work of exercise seem fun and worthwhile right now.

I liked pretending I was training to be a ninja. I liked running to get fit in case of zombie apocalypse, but the awesome people at Zombies, Run have gone one better. They have made jogging a game, a game in which you are outrunning zombies. And not only that, but you’re fighting to find the materials your base needs to survive, and you’re slowly uncovering a story – about what’s happened, about what the human race needs to do to survive. I’ll let the awesome makers of the game explain.

I heard about this months ago when the kickstarted for the project was launched. It’s had all the success it deserves. On Monday, 27th February it goes live, and I can’t think of any better way for a girl who cares about her survival to prepare for the apocalypse.

(Also, check out this awesome photoset.)

 – Apocalypse Womble out

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